right so les mis barricade!pjo AU

Enjolras as Percy, the charismatic leader of the revolution (and dating Annabeth obvs)
Combeferre as Annabeth, the wise second in command of Percy
Courfeyrac as Leo, the super charming ladies man
Joly as Frank, the happy go lucky germaphobe
Musichetta as Hazel, the waitress who is the girlfriend of Frank
Feuilly as Rachel, the artistic fan maker
Grantaire as Dakota, the drunken cynic
Marius as Jason, the naive romantic who is in love with Piper
Cosette as Piper, the innocent girl who falls in love with Jason
Eponine as Reyna, the tough gamine who is hopelessly in love with Jason
Gavroche as Nico, the not-so-cheerful brother of Reyna who is in love with Percy

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